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Stankovits József Gergely

PhD student

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 
Soft Matters Group, Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science

H-1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3, Hungary

Phone: +36 (1) 463-3519 

E-mail: stankovits.gergely[at]vbk[dot]bme[dot]hu

Teaching activity

  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory Practice 
  • Design Project

Research area

  • Synthesis of cationic polyaspartamides
  • Colloidchemical characterization of mucoadhesion
  • Characterization of macroscopic mucoadhesion by mechanical tests; method development


MTMT, Researchgate, ORCID

  1. Gyarmati B, Stankovits G, Szilágyi BÁ, Galata DL, Gordon P, Szilágyi A. A robust mucin-containing poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel model for the in vitro characterization of mucoadhesion of solid dosage forms. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2022; 213: 112406

  2. Gyarmati B, Mammadova A, Barczikai D, Stankovits G, Misra A, Alavijeh SA, Varga Z, László K, Szilágyi A. Side group ratio as a novel means to tune the hydrolytic degradation of thiolated and disulfide cross-linked polyaspartamides. Polymer Degradation and Stability 2021; 188: 109577

  3. Gyarmati B, Mammadova A, Stankovits G, Barczikai D, Szilágyi A. Effect of Side Groups on the Hydrolytic Stability of Thiolated and Disulfide Cross-linked Polyaspartamides. Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering 2021; 65:183-191

  4. Pap  S, Stankovits GJ, Gyalai-Korpos M, Mako M, Erdelyi I, Sekulic MT. Biochar application in organics and ultra-violet quenching substances removal from sludge dewatering leachate for algae production. Journal of Environmental Management 2021; 298: 113446